Dear Vasavites,

We just finished 2016 Cruise Trip to Bahamas during Thanksgiving holidays from Nov 24-28, 2016. Every family attended the trip had great time and overall it is a wonderful cruise trip. 

With Vasavi matha blessings, support from national leaders and cruise advisers, and very energetic participants, this year cruise is very successful and it will be in everyone’s memories for long time.

All the sessions and NRIVA activities were attended by huge numbers which gave opportunity to all families to stay together in one place. Day after day the attendance increased for sessions and final day we had 95 families during the family session.

Special thanks to Jacksonville NRIVA team for putting lot of effort and time to pick up the families from airport, conducting pre-cruse event, providing transportation to port and hosting families who stayed after the cruise.

Thanks to all volunteers for planning and conducting successful NRIVA activities and sessions, which brought all the participating families together.

As you all know, we had a very good response for this year cruise trip. We had 102 families/341 individuals on the cruise trip. These include NRIVA President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Join Treasurer, Executive Committee members, Board Members, Chapter Leads, Committee Chairs, families from 20 different chapters, and few families on visiting visa.

Thank You all participating families for a great vacation of lifetime.

For complete feedback on the Cruise Trip, please check the Testimonials Page.

Thank You
NRIVA Cruise Team 2016